“Base Fee”: $42

….. includes one seal and one signature on one document and local travel.

“Special Fees” Below Are in ADDITION to the “Base Fee” 

  • Seal Fee –  $2 for each additional notarized signature
  • Hospitals – $25
  • Nursing Facility – $35
  • Jails and Detention Centers – $50  ($50 each hour, 1 hr minimum)
  • After hours 10pm – 8am – $30
  • Holiday signings (Federal Holidays) – $60
  • Additional wait time over 15 minutes – $15  (charged in 15 minute increments)
  • Travel Fee for non-local trips to areas not near you and the Notary. Inquire with the Notary when scheduling your appointment to discuss your personal requests or circumstances.


FYI, The Basis For Calculation Of Fees Is As Follows:

  • TRAVEL FEE” (usually $40 which is included in the “Base Fee” shown above)
  • SEAL FEE” – Per Notarization of each document (includes seal & Notary signature)
  • SPECIAL FEES” – Added to “Base Fee” and “Seal Fee” for visits to places like a hospital, assisted living, jail, etc.



  • Purchases/Refinance with e-docs & printing 2 copies (plus travel fee) – $85
  • Purchases/Refinance without printing (plus travel fee) – $60
  • Second Mortgage/HELOC (while at main signing) – $60
  • Second Mortgage/HELOC (as a stand alone signing; plus travel fee) – $125
  • Loan Modification Signings (plus travel fee) – $75
  • Reverse Mortgages (plus travel fee) – $95
  • e-Doc (includes copy for the borrower) – $25
  • Copies/Printing of documents (includes copy for the borrower) – $25
  • Scanned and emailed back of loan documents – $25
  • Re-sign due to ANY error not related to Notary error (plus travel fee) – $85

Note: Rates and fees subject to change for special requests and circumstances.

* Loan signing fees include document printing, processing and notarization of borrowers.
* Failure of borrower to sign loan documents: Travel fees plus any printing charges.
* If borrower signs and the loan does not fund, ALL notary fees are due.
* 2 hour cancellation policy without charge of travel fee. Otherwise, travel fee is due.
* No charge for re-signing if due to notary error (this has never happened in over 10 years).

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